Yesterday my blogmate nominated me for Libester Award.Thank you so much Soni..

She is one of my favorite blogger, who always motivates others through her writings..🙂

The point is..the second time I got nominated for the award. I haven’t accepted the nominations yet😊 I’m not deserving it..What I’am writing here👇

A girl who writes untidily here and there,
A platform she shares the emotions,
Loves to see the notifications daily
A visit to the next doors ,scanning going on
Likes, enjoys commentings and comments
Checking followers and following friends 
Smiles and pass a smile, visualising faces
Empathise on each word that comes before
Knowing she will be there on sometimes 

Thank you for reading🙂
©️Athira Aparna

Missing Someone !

Life becomes so hard
when we miss someone
Life becomes so easy
when the missed one is near
We wont realize the value of one
when they are near to us
Realize when we are away

What is exactly the feeling ???All feelings will be known through experience. Whoever it might be- Pappa, Mom, Sis , bro, friend , lover, husband, wife….. It a feeling of loneliness sometimes. We wont be able to recognize the reason for our loneliness, why we are sad, we are not satisfied with anything in this world until or unless till we meet the missed one again. Sometimes it wont felt by the heart only but through of physical appearance or health too. All emotions are there for a realizations but only thing is never dependent to emotions only, it will lose the stability of life. What is missing …is it simply a feeling of loneliness not I felt its an another face of love.. Without missing there is no love, without love there is no missing.

Stay in LOVE

Ephesians 4:31,32 – “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Please help me to be patient in all situations.Life is full of unexpectations with expectations, so make me to accept all situations positively.Never allow any evil thoughts to get enter into my mind and heart.I knew life is not an easy going one, its includes lots and lots of hard times, lots of smooth times, but in all those times I need your hands to go through.Love is the strong feeling that helps to drive all false practices..So be in lot with eachother.


I’m not a psychologist to write something about human minds deeply 🙂 eventhough I felt that my mind have a very hyper energy to control all works in my body and also it has a greater influence on my emotions too ( The same is for all humans but I would like to use MY here 🙂 ).

I’m a person who hears a lot of negatives and positives at the same time.My opinion is like, we respect other people words its comes out of different can be out of love, anger, frustration, sorrow, ego anything.But the importance comes to the receipent – how I / we receive those or accept those into the mind.

When I listen to a person, if its really a thoughtful process going on, accept those words into the mind. Its a positive activity.On the other side, If a person communicates the negatives,its involves a serious loose talk,its better to put a full stop there since through that communication only distracts the mind and it also make us weak in all sense.

Its not possible to read or capture what in the mind of the opposite person to whom we are communicating,so its well and good to keep our mind refreshed and just share good things to others and receive the useful things too, sometimes they will share all unnecessary matters but no issues, we just cling to good and look for the goodness on others, it will definitely helps us to stay focused in the routes.

So I personally felt its really hard to maintain an optimistic attitude.The society mostly focuses to discouragement rather than encouragement.Its hard to keep a distance for all those, its better to delete and refresh the mind and store better stuffs for the future welfare.

In a nutshell

  • Don’t allow your emotions to rule the mind.
  • Yourselves a self motivator and cherish others.
  • Just delete all unwanted thoughts and communications.Dont allow your mind to store or receive negative stuffs.
  • Dont get involve into loose talk.Its too dangerous and offensive.
  • Stay focused and get into a serious thoughtful and meaningful process.
  • Have a well balanced and a good growth for mindset.