Ohh..the fire lights comes through the windows

Why I allowed to frame the windows with glass!

Wrong choice,wood was better substitution

On the bed, went for a deep sleep

But its difficult now, that lightning

Makes me feel soo strange now

It was there before, but some uneasiness now

Its passing inside to my eyes, trying to make a vibration inside me.

I got inside my blanket and covered my face

So that I can’t see that fearful light again

©️Athira2020 All rights reserved 

Missing Someone !

Life becomes so hard
when we miss someone
Life becomes so easy
when the missed one is near
We wont realize the value of one
when they are near to us
Realize when we are away

What is exactly the feeling ???All feelings will be known through experience. Whoever it might be- Pappa, Mom, Sis , bro, friend , lover, husband, wife….. It a feeling of loneliness sometimes. We wont be able to recognize the reason for our loneliness, why we are sad, we are not satisfied with anything in this world until or unless till we meet the missed one again. Sometimes it wont felt by the heart only but through of physical appearance or health too. All emotions are there for a realizations but only thing is never dependent to emotions only, it will lose the stability of life. What is missing …is it simply a feeling of loneliness not I felt its an another face of love.. Without missing there is no love, without love there is no missing.