Who will talk first

Going smoothly or hard…Sometimes its frustrating. There comes blaming each other without a cause. Creating problems no solutions, small issues gives a way to big conversations. No talks, no chit chats, no looks…. complete silence…shhhh.. One waits for other…Let him talk first nono let her talk first…haaa what to say, its continuous. Who will talk first? How this problem resolve? Any idea..no idea???

-Athira Aparna

Memories : My Dance Anklet

My dance anklet / Chilanka : A foot trinket with small bells its commonly used  for dancing

For more than 12 years
You are with me
You are my first and last one
Now you looks so tired
Since you are sitting idle
And the straps are torn now
Your sound is low too
Since some bells are gone,
Some green particles
Entered here and there
I know you are always ready
To get into my ankles
But I rarely preferred you
Now you are too heavy for me
I likes you….
But I’m away now
Will come back to you (ONLY)
Once its favoured my decision!!!

Its Raining!

The Word falls on me
Like a gentle rain
Remembering the past
The day you first falls on me

When the rain poured on me
I remembered the sins
That you washed away,
You cleansed me

You set me free
Gave me a new soul
The soul that rests only on you
Only on you!