Word Study # 1


Dictionary meaning :  satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury; amends.
In depth meaning : the reconciliation of God and mankind through Jesus Christ
A ransom sacrifice for many !


I really don’t know how much disappointed i’am today..Since again and again I came to knew that I’m alone in this planet.Everyone are there around me but none knew my heart.Everyone saw me with smiling face but behind that face there is a crying heart that is invisible to others.

I’m not at all against any faith.Everyone are leading there life with certain beliefs, faiths and customs.Here is a girl who found the truth but its not acceptable for her people.I never like to use the word ‘hate’ in my life , but here i’m using it…I hate the word Horoscope.How can a person write another person’s destiny??Then what the role of God, who is the creator or each and every minute thing !!!

Fine, it can be taken as individual beliefs but still never force anyone to belief into it even if he /she never have faith in it.I’m extremely sorry, if I hurt anyone personally by pointing this out.

The same way when coming to marriage, without knowing into each other..how can someone simply take this thing and says that the girl / boy never fit to be partners infact they might be the best match in their understanding.I knew many incidents personally…Still this world is blindly behind all those traditions and rituals.Everyone talks openly like this and that, but when coming to their own personal life,they act oppositely to what they said before…

Life is important and it could not be confused by those things.My future is not a single paper and the numbers in it.Its all well written, planned and executed by one who is created me before I born unto this world.None can change the destiny except Him.

Everything comes out of mutual love and understanding.Its not based upon the stars, planets or anything.We all are here for fulfill the dreams, purposes and so on.The Creator Himself who guides the paths not mere humans.

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Private Motives

The term private motives means the reason for doing somthing.We are living here with certain motives, some are revealed and some others are unrevealed one with a mystery behind the motive.I found the world is mostly behind the selfish motives, that means they only focused on their own gainings and achievements.Yes, we are here to fulfill all the motives but those motives should not ruin the life of others.I felt that motives can be classified into two sessions : Public motives and Private motives

The motives can be hidden in front of humans but its can’t be locked in front of my creator since He is the one who unlocks all my mental thoughts, there is always a silent communications happened in between us.I’m the one who is answerable for all my words and deeds.Likewise others too, all secret motives can be identified by Him and accordingly we must be rewarded.

Always focus on goodness and that goodness will comes from the intentions of heart and mind.Good motives results in goodness only.We always struggles with an two spirits, the spirits that makes us to do the deeds based on God decisions,here we surrendered to Him to accomplish the decisions of Him that has been already written on us.Be obedient to the power of Word and through that obedience helps to defeat the evil spirits.Other one is the spirit that focused only on destructions,its not only discourages us but also tries to transform that negativity to others who are depended or associated with them.

Broken pieces

The things in my room
Is broken now
For whom i bought all those
Its all pieces now
There was a hope
For the love
But its completely lost now
None will realize the depth
Of my pain
It will remains
Here forever
Here is a life
With sleepless nights
Tearful eyes

The Voice

In large distractions,
He kept my heart safer!
Today the sounds,
Tried to distracts me.
The sound of people,
The high volume of Television,
The noise of vehicles,
Everything was there.
They raised their sounds,
More than before.
My ears heard all those,
But He listened to my prayers.
He knews my struggles,
He shut down the entry
Of all nuisance,
Close me tightly to the WORD.
He knews my heart beat,
More than anyone.
He knews me very well,
What my heart needs.
His voice is louder,
Than any other voices,
Your song is my life,
There is no other songs
That makes me happy!

Watch your ways!!!

A Man without sins has already taken our sins upon His shoulders and accepted us as His daughters and sons.There starts a new relationship- A bonding of a Father to His Children and we all join together and comes under a Holy family.

After that we have to be more concious about the life since its not like older.He gave us a new birth to lead a holy life so we must stay far away from sinful things.Definitely others will tries to drag us into older things, ( impure,unholy and evil things)it happens knownly or unknownly but we must be more careful on the ways.

Try to lead a life without sins!


Be on your foot
Stand firm in your faith
Watch your ways
Stay away from evil
Hold to what is good

Flesh Vs Spirit

Flesh & Spirit – It always acts opposite to each other : FLESH VS SPIRIT.
Flesh makes you weaker, that any evil activities can takes place easily there, but If you “Walk by the Spirit”, you will receive enormous love that filled with joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness ( Galatians 5 )

All passions of the flesh moves to self destruction and those will not inherit the kingdom of God. Those who walk by flesh will set their mind on flesh and earthly desires and in the case of God’s children, they will find the Spirit of life and their mind sets on the things of the Spirit.

He never allowed me to get closer to the flesh. Flesh makes you sinner,it drags you only to sinful life.But your faith in Christ Jesus helps you to lives in Spirit and it will gives you all the fruits of Spirit that leads to meaningful life even in harder circumstances.

My paths are becoming harder and harder, and my flesh gets tempted badly but the Spirit holded me strongly and I denied the flesh.There is a possibility to lose your Spirit in between your journey,it happens when your faith comes down.Day by day, you can see the variations in your faith either decrease or increase. Keep up the spirit and the faith is the foundation of life.Ask and seek help to Him so that more doors are opened to Him so that you will get to know more about Him.

Love and Responsibility

The face of love will change when we take it as a responsibility.The word ”responsibility” is strong among people than Love.Human beings consider themselves as a greatest responsibilities and they do everything on the basis of their duties and responsibilities…

Adding the Holy Word :

Luke 10:27 -Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

The greatest love story that I ever heard in my life – Life of Jesus Christ.

One who kept the Love of Jesus in their heart will never take their life as a responsibility.

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