Yesterday my blogmate nominated me for Libester Award.Thank you so much Soni..

She is one of my favorite blogger, who always motivates others through her writings..🙂

The point is..the second time I got nominated for the award. I haven’t accepted the nominations yet😊 I’m not deserving it..What I’am writing here👇

A girl who writes untidily here and there,
A platform she shares the emotions,
Loves to see the notifications daily
A visit to the next doors ,scanning going on
Likes, enjoys commentings and comments
Checking followers and following friends 
Smiles and pass a smile, visualising faces
Empathise on each word that comes before
Knowing she will be there on sometimes 

Thank you for reading🙂
©️Athira Aparna

Is it True

Is it true, I asked myself !!! I filled with lots of gifts that I never wished to have, there is no room for mere objects or an other created moments.I found no happiness on those rather lies on all accidental moments.The missing of an important person made life incomplete.Everything we see is a perspective, not a truth sometimes.All confined by a wall of ourselves, just break the wall around us, there is an amazing world near to us, only thing we need to do is experience it.