#Poem #Freeverse 20 – Earth Strings

Music strings tied tightly
Soulful songs caught meter
Loosen strings unheard voice
Look close to me,
I’m here for you
Music games change the future
Revolving for a smooth run
Broken strings replaced
Broken again and again
Save me, Hear me
For a heavenly symphony
The Pitch of music vibrates
The Silent earth speaks
Ears closed heads turned
Bow down for perfect songs

©️Athira 2021 | All Rights Reserved

Love waits!

My Heavenly Father: Jesus Christ

Before I unto my mother’s womb,
You started to love me,
You knew me, awaited for me,
He waited for so long,
Cause’of Love
Still Loving me….

My Parents,

After I unto my mother’s womb,
They waited for my arrival,
When I born into the world,
They received me,
With lots of Love,
Still loving me…..

My Dearest,

Waiting to receive and give more love!