I really don’t know how much disappointed i’am today..Since again and again I came to knew that I’m alone in this planet.Everyone are there around me but none knew my heart.Everyone saw me with smiling face but behind that face there is a crying heart that is invisible to others.

I’m not at all against any faith.Everyone are leading there life with certain beliefs, faiths and customs.Here is a girl who found the truth but its not acceptable for her people.I never like to use the word ‘hate’ in my life , but here i’m using it…I hate the word Horoscope.How can a person write another person’s destiny??Then what the role of God, who is the creator or each and every minute thing !!!

Fine, it can be taken as individual beliefs but still never force anyone to belief into it even if he /she never have faith in it.I’m extremely sorry, if I hurt anyone personally by pointing this out.

The same way when coming to marriage, without knowing into each other..how can someone simply take this thing and says that the girl / boy never fit to be partners infact they might be the best match in their understanding.I knew many incidents personally…Still this world is blindly behind all those traditions and rituals.Everyone talks openly like this and that, but when coming to their own personal life,they act oppositely to what they said before…

Life is important and it could not be confused by those things.My future is not a single paper and the numbers in it.Its all well written, planned and executed by one who is created me before I born unto this world.None can change the destiny except Him.

Everything comes out of mutual love and understanding.Its not based upon the stars, planets or anything.We all are here for fulfill the dreams, purposes and so on.The Creator Himself who guides the paths not mere humans.

Thankz for reading… 🙂

Stay Blessed 💙