Home is the place where I share my feelings
Now its a place for prevention and protection
The world full of flying ,dreadful virus
Its like a magnet, waiting for an attraction
They succeed in social distancing and isolation
Staying in home reduces the risk of attack
Keep the mother land safe and secured
Even one disobedience takes the happiness

THaNK YoU for Reading
#STaY SAfe ...Wishing you all a Good Health !!!!

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Far Away

I’m sitting in sitout

Looking up to the sky

Even stars are unseen

Moon hiding in clouds

All are going here and there

All inside the home

In their own nests

Some are missing in my nest

Far away Far away from me

Corona is not only hurting the people physically, they are mentally trying to weaken humans.Emotionally blackmailing everyone,threatening for their lives.How hard the situation is going around each one.When it ends from where it comes and where its planning to go,none knows!!!

Be safe, Stay home!

Thank you all for spending some time in my blog!