Oh ! Life

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What is life
Shows me the directions
Hidden paths always hides
Time to discover
The right route
Control the anxious future
Slowly erase the path
Hard and tough process
Hold to present
Self evaluation mode on
Check the possibilities


#Scenario 31

You’re just a girl with limitations.

The word GIRL itself powerful. I like to give a positive outlook to the phrase. Whenever you hear a negative, try to make it a positive one. I reframed the sentence into YOU ARE A GIRL WITHOUT LIMITATIONS, that’s it problem resolved.

It’s just a statement with various contexts. I felt to communicate with you. It’s nothing related to personal since I’m blessed to have such wonderful parents who never used the above sentence ever in my entire life. However, I guess one way or another, we all used to hear this statement. Let us have an open discussion👍🏻

I’m waiting to exchange thoughts with you in the comment box…✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻

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Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step for self-improvement.

Avoid all those
1) I’m not rich
2) I’m not from the elite class
3) I’m an unlucky person
4) I’m not good-looking
5) I have some limitations/restrictions.

Accept yourselves and works for self-improvement.

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