Nothing Hidden…..

Evening Snap
Nothing hidden in the house of God
Once the closed doors will open 
Everything known here
Hidden secret once revealed
Truth never covered with lies
Secret eyes is watching over me
My ways are monitored keenly
My paths with roses and thorns
But still protected memory drags
Humans slips to false motives,
Alive in the house of light
Makes me to feel the true love

©️Athira2020 All Rights Reserved


Ohh..the fire lights comes through the windows

Why I allowed to frame the windows with glass!

Wrong choice,wood was better substitution

On the bed, went for a deep sleep

But its difficult now, that lightning

Makes me feel soo strange now

It was there before, but some uneasiness now

Its passing inside to my eyes, trying to make a vibration inside me.

I got inside my blanket and covered my face

So that I can’t see that fearful light again

©️Athira2020 All rights reserved