Private Motives

The term private motives means the reason for doing something.We are living here with certain motives, some are revealed and some others are unrevealed one with a mystery behind the motive.I found the world is mostly behind the selfish motives, that means they only focused on their own gainings and achievements.Yes, we are here to fulfill all the motives but those motives should not ruin the life of others.I felt that motives can be classified into two sessions : Public motives and Private motives

The motives can be hidden in front of humans but its can’t be locked in front of my creator since He is the one who unlocks all my mental thoughts, there is always a silent communications happened in between us.I’m the one who is answerable for all my words and deeds.Likewise others too, all secret motives can be identified by Him and accordingly we must be rewarded.

Always focus on goodness and that goodness will comes from the intentions of heart and mind.Good motives results in goodness only.We always struggles with an two spirits, the spirits that makes us to do the deeds based on God decisions,here we surrendered to Him to accomplish the decisions of Him that has been already written on us.Be obedient to the power of Word and through that obedience helps to defeat the evil spirits.Other one is the spirit that focused only on destructions,its not only discourages us but also tries to transform that negativity to others who are depended or associated with them.

Obstacles makes me Stronger

For past two three weeks, I was so much disturbed even for simple things.I’m unabled to control my mind properly and deeply got irritated and it became a choas for others too.Later I shared it with one of my dearest colleague but from there also my mind won’t got satisfied.

I keep on asking with God why its happening and I found that there is no point for simply blaming the situations or people.Sometimes I really became helpless for certain times.People always desires to get some place in someones heart or else they always tries to get involved in some friends groups to avoid their loneliness.

I myself experienced loneliness still experiencing, it might be because of my way of life, my thoughts, my acts whatever it might be. But the fact is to become stronger I need to go through certain situations, certain distractions,certain loneliness,certain downs, certain disappointments…

Thank you for experience,without those experience I cant be myself !