Scenario # 6

Happy Monday, yet another day here.I’m feeling grateful to God for giving me anew day.Each day is a pure blessings for everyone, so I felt to utilise it meaningfully and properly. The first thing I used to do is to check whether I missed any calls or messages from my husband. Then I moves with my wordpress blog and I just go directly to the notification icon and start reading the comments, I enjoys reading a lot. Then scrolls into my readers writeups after that only I will move with the email inboxes and the rest notifications in my mobile phone.

What is your first activity with the mobile phone?

-Athira Aparna

Phase of Life #2

A journey for small refreshment.Mostly I feel to live in a tree house 🙂 I don’t wish to spend time in phone calls, no internet, no gadgets..just loose my body, mind and soul…relax and let the breeze takes me whereever it wants..Enjoy the rain, sunrise, sunset,nature, fresh air without pollution.

-Athira Aparna