One fine morning I start to hear this word in TV news Corona… What is that. A most dreadful virus, taking lots of persons from this world. Sometimes my mind asks me why this happened? I don’t know whether I’m right in my point, but still there is some major role for human.

Human : Why you are here, Can’t you leave this world forever?
Corona : No I can’t leave this world, I’m getting enough support from you all people.
Human : Me no.never…we won’t!
Corona : You might not be, but your brothers and sisters are helping me a lot,they are supporting me to reach at more people, So that my effort is less.
Human : Covid, you can’t survive here too long. We started our mission.
Corona: Mission. What mission? My friends are all around this world. They started to reach more and more people. We will triumph over you..
Human : Never COVID-19.. We will break the chain as soon as earlier.
Corona : We can very soon go here and there without much risk. You people are helping us by your own carelessness, unhygienic conditions.

©️Athira2020, All rights reserved


Oopss !What a power cut, its going continous

I went out from house to see the Silver slipper

She shines more brighter than ever before

She shines more now since she knew that now

There is no other light, she is on duty now.

She awake at night and looking towards us

And went back to sleep at morning..

The stars shines because of her light

No competitors for her beauty

She is such a beauty queen worn a silver attire

I knew you are fulfilling your purpose

Its never ends continuous till the world ends.

©️Athira ♥️♥️

Mother Bird

My mother bird who starts her routine daily morning.

Her day starts with morning prayer

Then she prepares food for us

Her dishes are really tasty

She always add a pinch of love to all dishes

A person who inspires me daily

How wonderfully she is taking care of her family

My rhythm of life