Phase of Life #1

Value for a relationship – Without a space none will enter, giving space is an individual choice. The positions can’t be substituted: husband, mom, dad, grandmother, friends, mother- in – law, father-in law, brothers, sisters. When we talks on positions what about priorities..isn’t !!! its a reality that sometimes I felt. No replacements but of course priorities. No favoritism through words, heart keeps favorites.

-Athira Praveen

Still Child

‘You are still a child for us”

My Parents tells to me ‘I’am still a child for them

Growing is a very quick phenomenon

But growing mentally with body is important

They loves me soo much, this is the place that I can open up anything and everything

They knew that I’am a grown up girl..

My Popz stopped me while I took knife to cut mangoes for pickle

He said to me’ Be careful, its too sharp’

Because He loves me soo much

My Mom allows me to take up the responsibilities of Kitchen 🙂

Preparing food with love really makes a difference.

Yeah, Wherever I’am…Whatever I’am…

I’m forever your small kid ❤

Mother Bird

My mother bird who starts her routine daily morning.

Her day starts with morning prayer

Then she prepares food for us

Her dishes are really tasty

She always add a pinch of love to all dishes

A person who inspires me daily

How wonderfully she is taking care of her family

My rhythm of life

Missing Someone !

Life becomes so hard
when we miss someone
Life becomes so easy
when the missed one is near
We wont realize the value of one
when they are near to us
Realize when we are away

What is exactly the feeling ???All feelings will be known through experience. Whoever it might be- Pappa, Mom, Sis , bro, friend , lover, husband, wife….. It a feeling of loneliness sometimes. We wont be able to recognize the reason for our loneliness, why we are sad, we are not satisfied with anything in this world until or unless till we meet the missed one again. Sometimes it wont felt by the heart only but through of physical appearance or health too. All emotions are there for a realizations but only thing is never dependent to emotions only, it will lose the stability of life. What is missing …is it simply a feeling of loneliness not I felt its an another face of love.. Without missing there is no love, without love there is no missing.

My Parents

I took few minutes…Its not like lack of words or any lack of sequences ..I have soo much to write about my dearest Pappa and Amma but the confusion was based on where to start and what to say about them since I can’t limit those in my words.These are some words that comes to my mind initially and I don’t wish to edit it more and more so just sharing as it is…

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Two people hold my hands together
Tightly out of love
My eyes opened first to see them
My words came out of you
My tears are fire on your heart
My smile rejoice on you
I found the word trust here
It doesn’t matter wherever I go
Their eyes look at me
It doesn’t matter wherever I stay
Their hearts’ are closer to me.

©️Athira 2019| All Rights Reserved

Love waits!

My Heavenly Father: Jesus Christ

Before I unto my mother’s womb,
You started to love me,
You knew me, awaited for me,
He waited for so long,
Cause’of Love
Still Loving me….

My Parents,

After I unto my mother’s womb,
They waited for my arrival,
When I born into the world,
They received me,
With lots of Love,
Still loving me…..

My Dearest,

Waiting to receive and give more love!