#Scenario 31

You’re just a girl with limitations.

The word GIRL itself powerful. I like to give a positive outlook to the phrase. Whenever you hear a negative, try to make it a positive one. I reframed the sentence into YOU ARE A GIRL WITHOUT LIMITATIONS, that’s it problem resolved.

It’s just a statement with various contexts. I felt to communicate with you. It’s nothing related to personal since I’m blessed to have such wonderful parents who never used the above sentence ever in my entire life. However, I guess one way or another, we all used to hear this statement. Let us have an open discussion👍🏻

I’m waiting to exchange thoughts with you in the comment box…✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻

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Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step for self-improvement.

Avoid all those
1) I’m not rich
2) I’m not from the elite class
3) I’m an unlucky person
4) I’m not good-looking
5) I have some limitations/restrictions.

Accept yourselves and works for self-improvement.

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