Good Morning friends..I just felt to show one of my some..common friends who stayed for years with our family…They are not visitors but permanent residents besides our 🏑 So let me introduce those to you all..

Shankupushpam/Butterfly pea

I saw the above person like a creeper.She looks beautiful with a rare color and she had a very close resemblence with the shell 🐚She is a medicinal plant/ herbal one especially its leaves.. (At childhood, my grandmom & my mom gives this for some insect attack,she made it in a paste and applied in infected area)

Yellow flowers

Always like a twin sisters or like couples…made for each other.It always blooms in garden ( Garden, I don’t know whether that word suits in this context since we don’t have that much of plants or flowers but still there are some..)

Ixora coccinea / Chethi flower

This flower seed is an eatable one and the flower is filled with honey, butterfly is a frequent visitor here !!!

Name ???

Sorry…I dont know her name..So I put a name by myself -> Changing rose.This cute lit one always blooms and easily caught in front of eyes.

Basil / Thulasi

Basil…Its a herbal plant with lots of significance..#Recollecting my childhood #Muthassi (Grandmom)

Thats all for today..I’m stopping here :)Thank you all for visiting my site and reading my writings, its really encourages me to write even more..

Stay Blessed !

Athira πŸ’™πŸ’™

Follow the Heart

Yes..I found it when I started to follow my heart…no matter how harder the situations, the love will encourage each other.It never focus on any negative thoughts like ego, pride, jealousy, boasting instead it only remains in pure love that truly comes from bottom of the heart.

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