Free verse 30 – Rickshawala

I met an old rickshawala,
A commute for the middle class
He talks openly to everyone
Trips start in the early morning
Passengers are guests for him
He treats everyone with respect
He is not getting paid from some
Taking advantage of him is usual
With knowing everything, he helps others
He is the only family livelihood
Despite all, he works harder and harder
Daily wages, fills his children stomach
Daily wages, for his wife treatment
His goodness will be noted from above.

©️Athira 2021 | All Rights Reserved

Family Relations

A mother won’t become a mother by giving birth to a child.
A father won’t become a father by name.
A son won’t become a son by his birthright.
A daughter won’t become a daughter through her birth.
A husband won’t become a husband by tying a yellow thread on a girl’s neck.
A wife won’t become a wife by wearing a mangalsutra on her neck.

Athira 2021 | All Copyright Reserved

Are we still complaining ?

It was an old video and I hope most of them viewed it already,but still when I watched it again and I would like to share some of my thoughts based on the video.

  • Living a life of gratitude : There is no space for arguments and complaining or grumbling each other.
  • At the same time, I felt that its sooo important to stay away from corrupting talks rather concentrate more on encouraging each other with love.
  • Treat hospitality with each others.
  • Stay away from crooked generations.
  • How blessed we are to have food, clothing, shelter,good environment / atmosphere, job with good salary, own vehicle, basic needs and of course the loved ones who take cares for us and so on with lots of facilities..However still complaining ???

    -Blessed to have eyes, think about those who are blind
    – Blessed to have ears, think about those who are deaf
    – Blessed who able to speak , think about those who are mute.
    – Blessed to have loved ones, think those who are abandoned.

  • I have so many acquaintances or can be also called as friends but to be frankly speaking in case of my best friends I just have a very few ones that can be counted in hands.But I never wished to complain for those or I never desire to find more friends by going behind each one of them.Friendship is not like following someone, it could be the one with you always [ I HAVE ONLY FEW BUT I’M SATISFIED WITH THEM ]

  • Giving up on situations is like a withdrawing attitude of a person, but a consistent person is someone who stick on to a particular thing until we achieve.The result might be positive or can be opposite to the expected outcome but even-though we tried for it and also definitely thru constant try without a tiresome heart will make us feel good and hopefully we will receive a result for that try in one way or another.
  • When I went through my hardest situations , I used to think before…why is this to me?I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone? Then why this happening always to me?? But the reality is the righteous have to face soo many hindrances in life.I’m not a perfect one[ we are not ]but leading a holy life is something different in present universe.Through sufferings, struggles or pains gives me a strength to withstand as an independent person.What to say,I just look around and realized how little is my problems and how many people are suffering more than me- the perspective on troubles matters
  • My parents used to in their childhood, they used to walk miles and miles to reach their schools or to other places.Right now we all have bus, train or any mode of transportation to reach the preferred places.When we used to go in bikes or two wheeler’s just think about those who have bicycles.Still complaining??
  • When we eat all delicious food and sometimes while wasting some of the food items, just think those who don’t have enough food to eat, those who eat food only at one time a day.


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Scenario # 15

The children are sweet melons. Are they safer here? My childhood days are better than now. My parents’ childhood days are better than mine. My grandparents’ childhood days are better than my parents and what will be the situation of the next generation!

Waiting for your comments…..

A Love Story

Based on a true story !

A strong relationship. A well settled man got married to a girl. After their marriage, he realized that she has some mental issues and not mentally fit. He faced many insults, many comments from the society by her weird behavior. His parents, relatives, friends and the whole world suggested to divorce her. even so he was not ready to divorce, he continued a life with her.Despite of all problems, a family with three children now. Many asked him why you are not ready to leave her? Can’t you divorce her and marry another girl?? For all those questions he has only one answer ” I LOVE HER , SHE IS MY WIFE , I WON’T LEAVE HER FOR ANY CAUSE ”

-Athira Aparna

Evlin # 4 _ A Villain

A real life experience of my dearest friend, with her permission…

Characters : Evlin and her husband

Scene 1

A real love story starts here after marriage.None can’t seperate them even now.A beginning of quarrelsome in the name of a Dog.The Dog was husband’s pet, inside the house with him. His wife never liked the dogs inside the house.She knew that its her husband’s pet so she adjusted maximum.Its something beyond her thoughts,since a single child with a dog from childhood, he considered the dog as a sister.All thoughts of her husband seems to be indifferent for the girl.A house full of dog’s hairs, in dresses, kitchen, plates,carpet, bedsheet everywhere.

Scene 2

The old dog became sick .All treated it like a kid now, full treatment and care. And very soon, the dog died.A bad day that ruins their relationship.For past few weeks, the girl suffered some health issues due to lack of sleep, bad foods and the behavior of her mother in law,

They took the dog inside the room and lied that body on a teapoy, and the whole family cried, kissing, hugging that wounded dead body.For her,when a pet dies they will put that body aside- outside the house, until the cremation..its wounded and its not right to keep a pet’s dead body inside the house scientifically, its harms human that too a whole night,water coming from the dog’s mouth, there was no place for the cremation so planned to call the muncipality, but their procedures was not acceptable for the family.They keeps the body on the teapoy, covered with a cloth.

Scene 3

The husband is very upset, the girl tried to consolidate.He visited the dog’s dead body for kissing, all thats not acceptable for her.Next day morning, there was no option for cremation of the body, they took that body to their hometown- it was around 5 hours journey. The girl was sick , she said no to that journey.Her husband and his dad was sad to leave her alone at home but they needed to do the cremation.

Scene 4

They reached back at evening, that night the girl was mentally depressed.She remembered a word her husband communicated last night ” Only that dog gave an unconditional love to him”.It made her sad, she asked about that to him.She realized that nothing more important to him than a dog.He said, it’s difficult to continue the relationship and so..She cried like anything inspite of her health issues.

Scene 5

Fights continued with one or another.She never allowed to buy a dog anymore.She witnessed her husband situation on that day.If it happens again, she don’t know what will happen next.For her nothing important that her husband.But very soon, he bought another one since he can’t live without a dog but can live without her wife.She is not with him now, never wished to see her, no conversations, no phone calls…

She left that home now.

She quoted “There is no space for me in that home, no value, no voice. I love my husband the most…I knew my husband too..But….

Who is playing in between?

Dear pet lovers,

It’s a true story. Its not against your love towards the pets, but after I heard this story from Evlin. I would like to add a point here, nothing beyond HUMAN LOVE.

She asked me ” When I’m going to see him again?”

©️Athira Aparna