LoVe EvErYwHeRe !!

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LOVE !!!
The word closest to my heart.More over a my status, writings, sayings all comes from this single word.I personally felt this is not a word that we can simply say to anyone and everyone, its should truly comes from bottom of the heart.Many of them asked me why I’m this much keen on love love love !!..

No Conditions ,No restrictions, No limitations, No boundaries..

Through LOVE I’m able to find all possibilities in impossibilities…its remains me in patience, its helps me to forgive others,its made me unique in my own ways and now its gives a new definition to my life.

So what’s next ??

Its a common question we hear frequently- what’s next? How can one predict the future since we don’t even know what happens to us in very next moment.The question that many are asking to me!!!! I’m unaware about the fact that why people are so much worried about me and i’m not worried at all.There is no point to think about the future more than live in present.Enjoy every little moments in your life.#DON’T WORRY

There is no point to think about your past too much but you can definitely learn too much from your past.Each day is a learning process…so take past as a lesson.In personal, My past is entirely exact opposite to my present.Present is something that you can change from your past.And talking about future is an unknown fact but it has been already written by our creator.We just want to be still and wait patiently for his work….His plan is perfect its something beyond our thoughts and imaginations… #SO JUST WAIT FOR THE BLESSINGS.

More is yet to come 🙂

Sometimes its hard to accept the truth but everything works for your goodness.Just believe and act accordingly.

You are not simply here,you are here for something so just believe in yourselves.And find out the reason for you existence??Do everything with love, maintain good relationship that’s benefits each other.Fulfill your purpose of existence since you have a great commitment and responsibility to complete your own story.

Feeling Annoyed !!!

Irritation’ may arrives from people around you/ environment/situations/ personal matters and so on.Its a matter upon how we control those situations appropriately or else will leads to more anger and frustrations. Sometimes I used to get irritated even for a small thing and later I learned to be silent whenever I became annoyed.During those time, I search my heart and bind it with the power of his words.Nothing happens without a purpose, so if we are going through the most distracted moment too, he had a bigger intention behind it, keep that truth in your mind always.Be patient in annoyance and reflect your life with love not with anger.And the most prominent thing is like through Faith you can train the mind to control your emotions and its also helps you to focus more on your purpose and it will drag you away from external forces.

Most of the days, I gets irritated so badly even with silly matters.In fact, the usual thing I used to do before is …talk with my dearest for a while or else put a long text related with those, actually its not a solution for a problem, definitely we will get a mental satisfaction and a great prayer support.And its nothing wrong to share our happiness\pains with dearest and you have to do it..I knew most of them do the same.At the same time, we have to realize one thing we should rely more on Creator – to gain more mental strength_TAKE MY HEART AND SEAL IT FOR THY COURTS ABOVE .Every distractions are part of the journey without those irritations we might not be able to reach at the destinations.Thanks to my dear Lord for those irritations 🙂

In a nutshell

  • We can’t stay away from distractions but it a matter upon how we handle the situations.
  • Be silent,relaxed and control your mind with the Living Word.
  • Stay focused on your purpose.
  • Faith is the foundation of your life and its an answer to many unanswered questions.
  • Be patient in situations and wait for his blessings.
  • Key words: Faith, Patience, Purpose.