Harsh Harder

A hard- hearted world
Looks for one who loves
The meaning of love
turns to selfishness

Looks around the world.All are running for something in a short span of period.In busy life words are limited, they use only for hurts each other.The word comes from the mouth enters into a person’s mind and heart, similar to an injection that injects unto a body and it flows throughout and started to control the whole process.Its common that people gives harsh answers more that soft answers,even a single harsh word wipes the entire impression.The harsh words tries to enter into Love of life. Love is expressive and it combines with the words of each other.Those who love life will stay away from evil talks and deceitful speeches and should always have a control on tongue for building better relationships.The world are hard-hearted since they focus more on perishable things and least on eternal life.The meaningful circles reduces the unwanted thoughts

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Dowry Dowry…this system is still there..I still remembering at my school time,in social studies book, learned about something related with dowry prohibition so it was abolished years ago by the law itself.The pathetic fact is…its still rules in women life.Many families encourages the dowry and used a word ‘GIFT’ as an ornamentation.I’m talking on those who are financial stable,they are ready to spend all their amount for their daughters or sons marriage ( its completely based on the family interest and their dreams- I just like share the encouragement of dowry system)

I found certain things related with dowry

  • Its a word that has the power to receive negativity.
  • Its spoils the trust in relationship
  • An evil term.

Its all the personal interest to give the amount, property ,wealth….And of course, the wealth of the family will automatically carry forward to the next generation.One who stand by their own feet is something different.We can also term him/her as a self independent person who earns for their own living.Wife is submissive to her husband but both have an equal role to build their home into a beautiful family.A space that they can share anything and everything with lots of lovee rather than arguing eachother for perishable things.