Free verse 31 – I wish

I wish to see a human
A human with humanity
A human without cruelty
A human with generous love
A human without hatred
A human with kindness
A human without ego
A human with integrity
A human without pride
A human with self-respect
A human without narcissism
A human with empathy
A human without sympathy
A human with loyalty
A human without pessimism
A human with compassion
A human without favoritism
A human with perseverance

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Desires,Dreams and Visions

All have certain desires, dreams and visions in life.I too have 🙂 without all those life seems to be meaningless.Those three are closely correlated- Strong desires changed to dreams and those dreams gives a vision and mission to a person.Dreams are not something we see while we sleeps, it should be seen with opened eyes with a determination to fulfill the dreams / desires at any hard situation.

Nothing is too big for God, What He promises He fulfills.We pray to Him for sometime and wait for sometime and we ourselves put a time for it to be happened, then we put an end to it very easily.We can’t control anything according to our wish but we can try to achieve the desired goals.Without a try nothing can achieve, try to be a persistent person to fulfill all the dreams, desires and vision.

Ask, Seek and Knock the door will be opened to you.Everything will surely comes to pass one day, wait patiently for that day.


Quote # 4- Do it now

Its a fact, that many times I experienced in life.Sometimes I felt its too late to act but in some other cases its never too late to act.Its better late than never.

Never give up for anything
A right time for everything
A right time to act accordingly
A right time for the endurance
A right time for repentance
A right time for a beginning
A right time for an end
A right time for admiration
A right time to choose a person
A right time to know your beloved
A right time to find your soulmate

Be grateful always for everything



PC: Googled

It was one of my favorite /my all time favorite one TWEETY…. Infact, its something an animated image to entertain children only…Now the Tweety have a significant role in my life…I started to call my dear companion Tweety, actually I don’t know how I started to call since its comes automatically..{ I think the person don’t like that name.. 🙂 }

We used to call our dear ones with various pet names / nick names..Its always comes out of love.It shows how much he/ she is important in life or else we won’t use those short forms for them.The calling of names is actually shows the distance /attachment of a person to another.

Tweet …Tweet …Tweety !!!