A Note to all my bloggers

Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well!!! I knew you are really excited for 2021.I wish all your dreams come true on this coming year.

This is to notify that I’m not active on my blog these days.I apologize for not reading your write-ups but I will be back with more writings and will assure to read all of your writings..👍🏻

Thank you for the wide support and encouragement 🙏🏻

Snap # 14

I noticed one flower recently, how beautiful she is.I don’t know her name so asked with her.She kept mum then next option I enquired with mother and she also don’t know.We thought it as some forest flower.Later I googled it by giving her color combination.Finally I found her name, FLAME LILLY ( GLORIOSO SUPERBA ) – The national flower of Zimbabwe

©️ Athira Praveen