Oh ! Life

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What is life
Shows me the directions
Hidden paths always hides
Time to discover
The right route
Control the anxious future
Slowly erase the path
Hard and tough process
Hold to present
Self evaluation mode on
Check the possibilities


A Picture of Love – Part 4

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My eyes never looks for anything,
More darker than your eyes.
Your heart is more darker than any darkness,
I don’t wish to see your darkness,
Your darkness pull everyone into hell,
Those creatures attacks Intentionally.
The word of forgiveness never deserves for you,
All those are close to your hearts,
Becomes a replica of you,
Transforms into a dreadful monsters.
Like a snake love, waiting for a feast.

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved

A Picture of Love #3

I’am sleeping
What is rolling inside me
I’am not hearing any sounds now
I’am not aware about surroundings
I never wants to close my eyes now
I don’t know how I looks while sleeping
What is happening in nature
A bright sliver slipper smiles at me
Little twinkles blinks at me
All here for a silent night

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved

Fake Fact

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The conflict of existence
Always tells me the reality
Sometimes people won’t accept
God’s presence…
The experience of truth
Attitude changes into new
That I witnessed for some
In the journey of belief
There is no room for trust
In people…..
Fake faith maintains around
In the name of God
Minutes, hours, days, years differs
Science and religion contradicts

What do you think on this topic? The contradiction of faith and science still argues in our lives.

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved

Random Thoughts #19

My click
All I wish for is to look at you
Just be far away, to listen my heart
To know the real pulse of nature
I just close my eyes for a minute
So that I can feel the love of nature
All my heart wants is to shutdown
More like everything the world is full of...
Let me close the gateway of darkness
And enter into the world of enormous
Love and peace.......
My eyes slowly opens up
To accept the reality of real world...
Without losing me.....
Without losing my identity.....

©️athiraa2023 | All Rights Reserved

Fallen Hope

Can I find an innocent heart,
Like a plain slate to write.
Transparent to see each other,
Eye lens looks deeper in heart.
Without a distance to travel,
Nearer and nearer, without locks.
Heart keys can be exchanged.
To visit and understand thoughts.
Vision looks same to hold hands.
There is no love without expectations,
If there is no expectation,
Treasured a pure love.
Happiest peace and greatest level,
A wonderful place for relaxation.


Ant’s Meeting

They are planning for an event
Most probably, a new year eve
Serious discussions going on
Else some agendas'
Who's knows! A togetherness
With some intentions
A black ant roaming there
Can be a spy or a news agent
Anyhow, I'am not going to disturb them.
Let me take some photographs
With your permission, Shall I?

Truth Invited

Sometimes I search truth,
Unseen to my naked eyes.
Sometimes I finds truth,
Unseen to others’ eyes.

Sometimes truth hides from me,
Unknown to anyone.
Truth circles me, never caught,

Touch me, If you dares.
Truth shouts at me.

I can touch you easily,
You’re already part of me.
I can’t hides you inside
Go outside and open ups.

A layer of false themes,
Away from my sight.