Free verse 35 – Granny’s Basil

Beautiful granny
Plucking holy basil
Holding a basket,
Filling leaves inside
She is smelling the leaves
Smile blooms on her face
Her white hair drags one petal
Thread and leaves together
Garland around Krishna’s neck
I’m standing beside the basil
Where is granny now?

©️Athira | All Rights Reserved

#Poem #Freeverse 20 – Earth Strings

Music strings tied tightly
Soulful songs caught meter
Loosen strings unheard voice
Look close to me,
I’m here for you
Music games change the future
Revolving for a smooth run
Broken strings replaced
Broken again and again
Save me, Hear me
For a heavenly symphony
The Pitch of music vibrates
The Silent earth speaks
Ears closed heads turned
Bow down for perfect songs

©️Athira 2021 | All Rights Reserved