Can’t whatsapp talks only

Sounds of notifications
Never pierced my ears
I'm away from vibrations
Voice notes unheard
Lifeless emojis stopped
Messages kept unread

I preferred direct calls
Invisible real emotions
Busy life taken away
Clock hands fast forwards
Silent mode activated
Upgradation on progress



Truth Invited

Sometimes I search truth,
Unseen to my naked eyes.
Sometimes I finds truth,
Unseen to others’ eyes.

Sometimes truth hides from me,
Unknown to anyone.
Truth circles me, never caught,

Touch me, If you dares.
Truth shouts at me.

I can touch you easily,
You’re already part of me.
I can’t hides you inside
Go outside and open ups.

A layer of false themes,
Away from my sight.


Random Thoughts #2 _ Happiness

When I look around the world
It seems to be happiness everywhere
From where the happiness comes from
To where the happiness goes on
Do you think all are happy?
When they smiles at you.
Do you think all are happy?
When they pose a click on social media.
Are they really happy?
They are trying to be happy
I don’t understand
What is happiness?


It’s been a while I had an open discussion with you all… hope all are doing well. I shared some random thoughts on happiness and I would like to know your opinions also, expecting your thoughts on comment box …