Your droplets of love

Gives me hope for tomorrow

Which color I should give you

One drop , not enough

Its shines with light rays

Gives a rainbow color

Running all around

What a difference it made

Droplets for a reason

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Stand Firm

For past few days, this word is running through my mind💭- Stand firm.I was with Exodus and all the times its reminds me to STAND FIRM.Then I try to close examine the word, what its trying to communicate 👥with me!!! Yeah, its with reference to my day to day life and activities.Standing firm in decisions is very harder task, its requires continuous submission, commitment,courage to face the circumstances.

Adding some synonyms for the word “Firm “- solid, unyielding, hard, resistant,stiff, rigid.All those words gives a powerful strong 💪expressions.Mostly my situations are not favorable for my thoughts and way of life that I intended to live, although at that time my heart talks to my mind.

[Life is not an easy path, you’re here to do something.You can’t expect the life to move on accordingly to your will.Its something beyond the thoughts and imaginations.Facing the storms 🌊 ,surviving the storms and finding peace in the storms of life is decisive, so be alert and prepare yourselves to focus the mind on above not below.Be strong and courageous to stand firm in decisions]

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While on the journey, I faced and still confronted many situations that tempted me to abandon the truth.However, the power of Word helps me to fight the battles and prompt me about Ex.14 – crossing the red sea. Standing Firm is a state of attitude to withstand the incidents of existence.