Secrets Rewarded

Secrets are rewarded. I felt it many times, Why people are doing something help for others or like a support from their side, Is it to get a credit or a good name in front of others !!!

The satisfaction we receive out of helping others in secret is something different, it’s not to show others but out of empathy or can be humanitarian grounds.We all have the equal rights to live here.Nothing is permanent, everything what you felt to be with you will vanish one day.What we do here or how we live here will be recorded clearly like scene by scenes in one hidden camera.Our inner intentions and thoughts are known by a third eye.

I always felt like what we do something out of love is great more than keeping some expectations as return. Nothing is guaranteed.Love the way we looks and do something special for others gives me a complete happiness.That happiness I can’t find in any place but from me only.I have a perfect key for the happiness so just need to unlock the key and live at the fullest.

Right Relationships

Good contacts lasts forever !

The relationships are sacred and treat it with respect.Its very easy to spoil a relation but its difficult to maintain.Many people cross in life but very few found space in heart.The gap between the two will be filled with love, care, integrity, compromise, understanding, trust more than all a clear transparency is required.The hidden secrets will break the bond between the two.