Ohh..the fire lights comes through the windows

Why I allowed to frame the windows with glass!

Wrong choice,wood was better substitution

On the bed, went for a deep sleep

But its difficult now, that lightning

Makes me feel soo strange now

It was there before, but some uneasiness now

Its passing inside to my eyes, trying to make a vibration inside me.

I got inside my blanket and covered my face

So that I can’t see that fearful light again

©️Athira2020 All rights reserved 

Trying to sleep but awake

Pic Courtesy: Googled (Pinterest)

The clock ding dong ‘d to sleep

Is there any particular time to sleep !

Can I sleep at any time that I wish !

Trying to sleep,closing eyes tightly

But still the Nidra devi not coming to me

I started to yawn, getting drowsy

Eyes looks tired, all lights off now

Trying to sleep but awake

©️Athira2020, All rights reserved 


Pic Courtesy: Googled

Situation # Sleep mode

A hectic day after work

She is on bed, looks tired

Eyelids closed closing

Heard a sound, under the bed

Awake now, looked under bed

Found nothing, again she heard

Awake now, found emptiness

Again soundz everywhere

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