Winkle face dusky skin with a smile,
Full white hair tied a knot at end
Head with temple flowers
Forehead filled with holy ash and kumkum,
Light weighted printed saree draped loosely
Visiting temples with oil and camphor
In front of Shrines , chanting mantras  

©️Athira2020 All Rights Reserved

My Captain

The one who came into my life.
Captain, My Captain the name really suits
Shining two grape eyes told me an untold story
Story that never ends without a full stop
Innocent smile, open ups my mind.
He walks differently difficulty 

We’re getting engaged💕

Count on starts…3 more days to go!!!

My journey towards an engagement was really beyond belief for me.The word “beyond belief”drags me to memories.Its perfectly an arranged marriage but for us its perfectly a love marriage.

I'm insane now
From the day I met you
When I searched for reasons
I found that there is no reason.

Far beyond my love for U
Is that the first time I met U
Else I met you somewhere before,
In some unknown places.

Your gifts made me happier
But its not more than U
I gave you the key of my heart
You unlocked it with love and care.

My Greatest blessing I ever received
Your smile makes me alive today
The power of your love..
Made me closer and closer