Random Thoughts #2 _ Happiness

When I look around the world
It seems to be happiness everywhere
From where the happiness comes from
To where the happiness goes on
Do you think all are happy?
When they smiles at you.
Do you think all are happy?
When they pose a click on social media.
Are they really happy?
They are trying to be happy
I don’t understand
What is happiness?


It’s been a while I had an open discussion with you all… hope all are doing well. I shared some random thoughts on happiness and I would like to know your opinions also, expecting your thoughts on comment box …

Mr and Mrs # 2

An ideal couples can’t be seen much in images,
All their smiles flies arounds,
They don’t want to showcase others
Oh!!! a mixture of veggies and non veggies food.
No need to exchange the tastes,
A mixture of sweet, sour and bitter,
Gives them more happiness….

They spend more time outside the four walls,
Like two butterflies, more journeys,
He never allows to miss her parents,
Same time, she receives the love from him that never allowed to miss them.
He is her protector,
He is always there to listen,
There is no secrets between them,
He looks not only in her eyes,
Her paths to travel long together.
There is no room for misunderstanding,
Their power of love not visible for others,
A touch of love comes from inside,
A day with lots of fun and laughter,
A space for the two souls,
Mixture of complaints and compliments…..


To be continued….