How Blessed I’am…

How Blessed I’am

How blessed I’m to have my eyes, so that I can see all my blessings
How blessed I’m to have my ears, so that I can hear all sounds of nature
How blessed I’m to have my nose, so that I can feel all odours in my life
How blessed I’m to have my legs so that I can walk and stand firm on the crisis
How blessed I’m to have my hands so that I can feel the touch of love
How blessed I’m to have my dear ones, so that I can feel your enormous love through them.
How blessed I’m to have a home, many are homeless and abandoned
How blessed I’m to have food, many are starving out of hunger.
How blessed I’m to have my pains, so that I can be more stronger in times
How blessed I’m to have all joys , so that I can feel how blessed I’am

Copyright 2020 ©️ Athira Aparna

Scenario #4

I closed my eyes now I broke the silence.In my heart I shattered all vessels, glasses,flower vase.All into pieces, small pieces.I took one paper weight and thrown into mirror. Again I opened my eyes then closed, on that time I shouted like anything in my heart but the sound was not audible for anyone.

-Athira Aparna


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Situation # Sleep mode

A hectic day after work

She is on bed, looks tired

Eyelids closed closing

Heard a sound, under the bed

Awake now, looked under bed

Found nothing, again she heard

Awake now, found emptiness

Again soundz everywhere

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Cute Memories

Bought few years before for a purpose,
but its with broken stringz now..

When i’m at home, I just open and cleanse it.

Smile remains when I look at this red color. Before it was my favorite color !!!

Memories #Home #old writings #Guitar #My childhood bangles..

(Oh.. still fits in my hands but its too tighter, i’m not trying it again since its difficult to take off from my hands)

Memories : My Dance Anklet

My dance anklet / Chilanka : A foot trinket with small bells its commonly used  for dancing

For more than 12 years
You are with me
You are my first and last one
Now you looks so tired
Since you are sitting idle
And the straps are torn now
Your sound is low too
Since some bells are gone,
Some green particles
Entered here and there
I know you are always ready
To get into my ankles
But I rarely preferred you
Now you are too heavy for me
I likes you….
But I’m away now
Will come back to you (ONLY)
Once its favoured my decision!!!