A tenant

I’m a Tenant here
I just came here with nothing
I will leave here with nothing

Empty Handed

1 Timothy 6:7 – For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

A Displacement

Last Thursday, I located into new place with my parents but its for a while only but I felt like something and something is missing badly…Its not a new place to me since I did my schooling here only,nevertheless its not same as earlier. Everything changed, its quite natural.Likewise, its happens/happening/happened to people also, but the creator won’t change forever that I knew… 🙂

Yeah all things works together for good, hope for the best !!!


An Another Click
My favorite black tea on mid 🙂

YesterDay – FriDay

Yesterday was an as usual day, I used this word as usual on my common writings.But I just thought about it aa usual -was it an usual day..not at all.Since I felt that even the day started with daily routines but when we close observed the incidents or activities that held on a particular day..I realized that it had some difference : it can be an new knowledge, new faces, new words.

Yesterday I started my day with Word ( its part of my life ).And I ran to kitchen to see my Ammu (Mom), she was busy with her cooking and in between watching the ducks (neighbour’s ducks ) She loves to spend her time with cats,ducks and other birds..

Then after some chit and chat with my Mom, I went to my office.At office #employees #management #recruitment #interviews #selection ( will get back to it soon)

However, I knew one thing very well that its very difficult to get a true friend/ true colleague / trustworthy person in my life.Yesterday I was disappointed its not because of any specific reason.In fact, I cannot talk with anyone openly,In this world there is no space for true friendship, true love, trust, commitment..I won’t tell that none is there, its there..but only a few..very few ones.Unfortunately I haven’t found any one yet truely !

Its highly contrasted.Everyone is hiding something or other.People are telling something but in reality what they are telling and there deeds are extremely contradictory.

There is no room for emotions.I personally thought about it and discussed it with my parents too.There is no humanitarian consideration.No value for fellow beings, no respect, least concerned.

I don’t want to change myself for someone or something.I don’t wished to get into any groups, any friend circles.I’m what i’am?I’m glad, satisfied and grateful for what I’am here.In every sense, moving a life with purposes and focused on unseen treasures..Most of the times, I’m alone but I never distressed of loneliness and never invited anyone to cover up my loneliness.

I never forced anyone to stay in my life.Its depends upon them.And I never wants to get into anyone’s life unwantedly !!! I felt everything comes out of love only..Its really hard to find the word TRUE LOVE and if we found it, then we are blessed.

Thanks a lot for reading…

Stay Blessed and Happy !

Swim against the tide

Greetings to all my dear friends,

Hope everyone are fine!!!Today I felt to share you an idiom, its something like ‘Swimming against the tide’, actually its a hard task but not an impossible one.For so many years, my ears are familiar with those terms.Its something about my attitude or approach to certain things.I always wish to focus on impossibilities rather than possibilities.I always wish to accept and take challenges and risk in my life rather than easy going methods.But infact,my dear ones tries me to pull down from my initiatives but I never do 🙂

PC : Googled

Its not because they never loved me, its only because they loved me sooo much and very much over concerned about me and my life.At the same time,they are lit bit sensitive tooo…But I felt to handle the situations more practically, I can’t achieve anything in my life without a risk..One way or another, risk took part in activities, its a matter upon how we accept the risk?Risk requires sacrifices, courage, determination, confidence, integrity and so on..Its very easy for a dead fish to swim according to the flow but alive fish should always tries to flow opposite to the tide inorder to sustain.

PC :Googled

I uncompromised to the words that I gave to others.And to maintain my words with others is the huge challenge I faced during this short time.Its like a mental persecution, discouragement by others, made me alone and all ill treatments made me to encourage or motivate by myself.My faith was (is) completely unacceptable or undigestable for people around me.

People wants me to follow what they are following!!They want me to do what they are doing!! But I cannot, Since I already found a truth in me.He give me a conscience to act accordingly.We are not here to do all common things, we can also do some uncommon things…

Private Motives

The term private motives means the reason for doing somthing.We are living here with certain motives, some are revealed and some others are unrevealed one with a mystery behind the motive.I found the world is mostly behind the selfish motives, that means they only focused on their own gainings and achievements.Yes, we are here to fulfill all the motives but those motives should not ruin the life of others.I felt that motives can be classified into two sessions : Public motives and Private motives

The motives can be hidden in front of humans but its can’t be locked in front of my creator since He is the one who unlocks all my mental thoughts, there is always a silent communications happened in between us.I’m the one who is answerable for all my words and deeds.Likewise others too, all secret motives can be identified by Him and accordingly we must be rewarded.

Always focus on goodness and that goodness will comes from the intentions of heart and mind.Good motives results in goodness only.We always struggles with an two spirits, the spirits that makes us to do the deeds based on God decisions,here we surrendered to Him to accomplish the decisions of Him that has been already written on us.Be obedient to the power of Word and through that obedience helps to defeat the evil spirits.Other one is the spirit that focused only on destructions,its not only discourages us but also tries to transform that negativity to others who are depended or associated with them.