Work out of passion plus determination

Choice of profession gives a career growth

Love the work you do, rest follows eventually

A clear cut intention for actions and deeds

Give the best today for better tomorrow

Start inputting maximum for the best outlook

Work hard unceasingly and earn honestly

Personal contentment is the success mantra

No limits, no impossibilities, attitude matters

©️Athira Aparna

Add Title :)

Today I never gets disappointed with anyone Disappointment is a negative term Its destroy the mental stability Prepare the heart to accept the reality Accepting the reality makes sense Its turns all the disappointments into appointments And its create happiness and peace in me By adding more value to others

Back Again

My dear friends,

After a small gap, I’m back again into one of my favorite spot :)At the same time, I’m coming soon to all my friends writings tooo…♥

I felt to share you all a specific topic that holded me today.Kindly do share your valuable thoughts regarding the same here..

Awaiting for your beautiful responses