Free verse 30 – Rickshawala

I met an old rickshawala,
A commute for the middle class
He talks openly to everyone
Trips start in the early morning
Passengers are guests for him
He treats everyone with respect
He is not getting paid from some
Taking advantage of him is usual
With knowing everything, he helps others
He is the only family livelihood
Despite all, he works harder and harder
Daily wages, fills his children stomach
Daily wages, for his wife treatment
His goodness will be noted from above.

©️Athira 2021 | All Rights Reserved


Sometimes being upset is a doorway to a rethinking process.Its made us to rethink again to find the cause for the upset.Its not relies only on us but also ones that is close to the heart or surroundings or due to some situations.The word upset gives me a new dimension ‘Up + set ‘-> set everything on up,Just put all the problems to above the one who controls the whole universe.Set the thoughts on above than lowering,keep focusing on overcoming rather than staying on a single thought for longer time.