Stand Firm

For past few days, this word is running through my mind💭- Stand firm.I was with Exodus and all the times its reminds me to STAND FIRM.Then I try to close examine the word, what its trying to communicate 👥with me!!! Yeah, its with reference to my day to day life and activities.Standing firm in decisions is very harder task, its requires continuous submission, commitment,courage to face the circumstances.

Adding some synonyms for the word “Firm “- solid, unyielding, hard, resistant,stiff, rigid.All those words gives a powerful strong 💪expressions.Mostly my situations are not favorable for my thoughts and way of life that I intended to live, although at that time my heart talks to my mind.

[Life is not an easy path, you’re here to do something.You can’t expect the life to move on accordingly to your will.Its something beyond the thoughts and imaginations.Facing the storms 🌊 ,surviving the storms and finding peace in the storms of life is decisive, so be alert and prepare yourselves to focus the mind on above not below.Be strong and courageous to stand firm in decisions]

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While on the journey, I faced and still confronted many situations that tempted me to abandon the truth.However, the power of Word helps me to fight the battles and prompt me about Ex.14 – crossing the red sea. Standing Firm is a state of attitude to withstand the incidents of existence.

The Voice

In large distractions,
He kept my heart safer!
Today the sounds,
Tried to distracts me.
The sound of people,
The high volume of Television,
The noise of vehicles,
Everything was there.
They raised their sounds,
More than before.
My ears heard all those,
But He listened to my prayers.
He knews my struggles,
He shut down the entry
Of all nuisance,
Close me tightly to the WORD.
He knews my heart beat,
More than anyone.
He knews me very well,
What my heart needs.
His voice is louder,
Than any other voices,
Your song is my life,
There is no other songs
That makes me happy!

Flesh Vs Spirit

Flesh & Spirit – It always acts opposite to each other : FLESH VS SPIRIT.
Flesh makes you weaker, that any evil activities can takes place easily there, but If you “Walk by the Spirit”, you will receive enormous love that filled with joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness ( Galatians 5 )

All passions of the flesh moves to self destruction and those will not inherit the kingdom of God. Those who walk by flesh will set their mind on flesh and earthly desires and in the case of God’s children, they will find the Spirit of life and their mind sets on the things of the Spirit.

He never allowed me to get closer to the flesh. Flesh makes you sinner,it drags you only to sinful life.But your faith in Christ Jesus helps you to lives in Spirit and it will gives you all the fruits of Spirit that leads to meaningful life even in harder circumstances.

My paths are becoming harder and harder, and my flesh gets tempted badly but the Spirit holded me strongly and I denied the flesh.There is a possibility to lose your Spirit in between your journey,it happens when your faith comes down.Day by day, you can see the variations in your faith either decrease or increase. Keep up the spirit and the faith is the foundation of life.Ask and seek help to Him so that more doors are opened to Him so that you will get to know more about Him.

Its Raining!

The Word falls on me
Like a gentle rain
Remembering the past
The day you first falls on me

When the rain poured on me
I remembered the sins
That you washed away,
You cleansed me

You set me free
Gave me a new soul
The soul that rests only on you
Only on you!

Putting Virtue into Practice

Yesterday I had a conversation with my colleague, its a common talk we used to have…We shared some common incidents related with trust,compassion love,honesty,courteous…It lacks today.Its easy to talk but its really difficult to implement the virtues into practice.”The WORD is LIFE”-Its a stairway to heaven,you can find the virtue inside the WORD.

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Philippians 4:8 –
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

To be continued….

Feeling Annoyed !!!

Irritation’ may arrives from people around you/ environment/situations/ personal matters and so on.Its a matter upon how we control those situations appropriately or else will leads to more anger and frustrations. Sometimes I used to get irritated even for a small thing and later I learned to be silent whenever I became annoyed.During those time, I search my heart and bind it with the power of his words.Nothing happens without a purpose, so if we are going through the most distracted moment too, he had a bigger intention behind it, keep that truth in your mind always.Be patient in annoyance and reflect your life with love not with anger.And the most prominent thing is like through Faith you can train the mind to control your emotions and its also helps you to focus more on your purpose and it will drag you away from external forces.

Most of the days, I gets irritated so badly even with silly matters.In fact, the usual thing I used to do before is …talk with my dearest for a while or else put a long text related with those, actually its not a solution for a problem, definitely we will get a mental satisfaction and a great prayer support.And its nothing wrong to share our happiness\pains with dearest and you have to do it..I knew most of them do the same.At the same time, we have to realize one thing we should rely more on Creator – to gain more mental strength_TAKE MY HEART AND SEAL IT FOR THY COURTS ABOVE .Every distractions are part of the journey without those irritations we might not be able to reach at the destinations.Thanks to my dear Lord for those irritations 🙂

In a nutshell

  • We can’t stay away from distractions but it a matter upon how we handle the situations.
  • Be silent,relaxed and control your mind with the Living Word.
  • Stay focused on your purpose.
  • Faith is the foundation of your life and its an answer to many unanswered questions.
  • Be patient in situations and wait for his blessings.
  • Key words: Faith, Patience, Purpose.