Fallen Hope

Can I find an innocent heart,
Like a plain slate to write.
Transparent to see each other,
Eye lens looks deeper in heart.
Without a distance to travel,
Nearer and nearer, without locks.
Heart keys can be exchanged.
To visit and understand thoughts.
Vision looks same to hold hands.
There is no love without expectations,
If there is no expectation,
Treasured a pure love.
Happiest peace and greatest level,
A wonderful place for relaxation.


Ant’s Meeting

They are planning for an event
Most probably, a new year eve
Serious discussions going on
Else some agendas'
Who's knows! A togetherness
With some intentions
A black ant roaming there
Can be a spy or a news agent
Anyhow, I'am not going to disturb them.
Let me take some photographs
With your permission, Shall I?

Kind Information

Dear all,

Hope you’re all are doing well!

Unfortunately, still I’am facing some issues to like your posts. I tried to rectify the error but it didn’t worked out. I will read your posts and you can expect my comments✍🏻 rather than likes 👍🏻. Hope you all understand my blog issues and support me for further write ups and don’t forget to check my comments in your comment box😊

Thanks & Love


Dear all,

I’am unable to like your blog post. Whether are you receiving my like to your blog post. How will I sort it out ? I tried to contact support via wordpress blog but it’s automatically goes to public forum ? How will I delete that query from the public forum?

Awaiting your responses.. Thank you

In Loving Memory _ 5th Death Anniversary

A picture taken few days before her demise

She is my “Muthu” always ( Muthassi short form). I can’t see her now, I can’t touch her now, I can’t play with her now but she remains in my heart as a greatest friend. I don’t know how much we both loved each other.

I used to lift her, on that time she added with a laugh ” You don’t know my weight”😊 She loved to visit temples before sunrise. She was very fond of telling krishna mythological stories, she loved to watch devotional serials, she covered the television screen before the serial got over.It’s hard to put her memories all together. I don’t wish to share all her memories here, not because of words limitation rather I want those to be inside me.

When she was (physically) alive, we both valued and loved so much. After her death, I can’t see her in front of me, but I can see her through my heart, what is invisible to eyes, can be seen by heart, unfortunately others can’t see her.

Nowadays, people starts and ends everything in social media platforms. The real happiness or feelings are not that can be shown by sharing a post. I never thought to share this day as a post, but I wrote a few things on her to show how wonderful she was (is).. how innocent she was (is).. Without much sufferings on her last days, she left this world.

She(was) is a wonderful grandmother.


Truth Invited

Sometimes I search truth,
Unseen to my naked eyes.
Sometimes I finds truth,
Unseen to others’ eyes.

Sometimes truth hides from me,
Unknown to anyone.
Truth circles me, never caught,

Touch me, If you dares.
Truth shouts at me.

I can touch you easily,
You’re already part of me.
I can’t hides you inside
Go outside and open ups.

A layer of false themes,
Away from my sight.