Scenario # 1

Husband and Wife : She loves him wholeheartedly with utmost purity but she is rejected by him.What does it means?

For instance: Evlin’s husband loves his mother the most and Evlin is happy for that but why he is not willing to listen her?

My dear readers, please share your thoughts !!!!!

Phase of Life #1

Value for a relationship – Without a space none will enter, giving space is an individual choice. The positions can’t be substituted: husband, mom, dad, grandmother, friends, mother- in – law, father-in law, brothers, sisters. When we talks on positions what about priorities..isn’t !!! its a reality that sometimes I felt. No replacements but of course priorities. No favoritism through words, heart keeps favorites.

-Athira Aparna

Upside Down World

My words are limited,
My heart speaking to you.
There was an emptiness,
Lacks something before,
But now its filled with love.
Its upside down,
Things turns arounds me,
But Still,you are there,
My hope wont be cut off!!!