One fine morning I start to hear this word in TV news Corona… What is that. A most dreadful virus, taking lots of persons from this world. Sometimes my mind asks me why this happened? I don’t know whether I’m right in my point, but still there is some major role for human.

Human : Why you are here, Can’t you leave this world forever?
Corona : No I can’t leave this world, I’m getting enough support from you all people.
Human : Me no.never…we won’t!
Corona : You might not be, but your brothers and sisters are helping me a lot,they are supporting me to reach at more people, So that my effort is less.
Human : Covid, you can’t survive here too long. We started our mission.
Corona: Mission. What mission? My friends are all around this world. They started to reach more and more people. We will triumph over you..
Human : Never COVID-19.. We will break the chain as soon as earlier.
Corona : We can very soon go here and there without much risk. You people are helping us by your own carelessness, unhygienic conditions.

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Is it True

Is it true, I asked myself !!! I filled with lots of gifts that I never wished to have, there is no room for mere objects or an other created moments.I found no happiness on those rather lies on all accidental moments.The missing of an important person made life incomplete.Everything we see is a perspective, not a truth sometimes.All confined by a wall of ourselves, just break the wall around us, there is an amazing world near to us, only thing we need to do is experience it.

Quote # 7

  • Its refreshes me into whole.
  • Its improves the stability of mind.
  • Its improves the health conditions since it reduces the strains.
  • Completely avoiding is difficult, its very useful in present world, but limited usage or restricting unwanted usages gives a better living conditions.
  • Improves the interactions with family, spends more time with our dear ones.