Stay in LOVE

Ephesians 4:31,32 – “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Please help me to be patient in all situations.Life is full of unexpectations with expectations, so make me to accept all situations positively.Never allow any evil thoughts to get enter into my mind and heart.I knew life is not an easy going one, its includes lots and lots of hard times, lots of smooth times, but in all those times I need your hands to go through.Love is the strong feeling that helps to drive all false practices..So be in lot with eachother.

Right Relationships

Good contacts lasts forever !

The relationships are sacred and treat it with respect.Its very easy to spoil a relation but its difficult to maintain.Many people cross in life but very few found space in heart.The gap between the two will be filled with love, care, integrity, compromise, understanding, trust more than all a clear transparency is required.The hidden secrets will break the bond between the two.


Worldly Rules🔨

World is full of evil and darkness
Where can we find a true light!!!

The world is following the decree put into deception, corruption and all sort of evil practices.Here we are rich in culture and customs just analyse the logic too.Following principles in life is a person’s personal aspect, still compelling others strongly to one person’s principle is something that can’t be accepted. Now world practices false beliefs and hatred. Away from love, truth and kindness will makes to fall in a huge pit, no rescue operations are possible at that time.

Refugee of hope

There is no more hope left for her
There is nothing to look back
There is nothing to look forward
No love, no mercy, no help

A rays of light reflects
Its shines for the future
Its reveals the truth
Found a permanent home

A home built out of love
A new door of hope opened
A new hope comes from His hands
This hope will never cut off

A refuge for the refugees



The word “Busy” felts like something fabricated sometimes.In this world none have time for anything they are running behind all things that contemplate to be valuable but its not.Of course, busy should be there in lives but it could be well managed by ourselves then we can see heaven around us. I would like to add certain true occurrence that made me to write here.

Yesterday I went for a shopping like to buy some groceries, vegetables and all.I spotted everything throughout as an artificial/ exaggerated. They are grabbing the items with #greediness by pushing and disturbing others with their trolleys.However all those commodities kept there are for sales only but the way they are taking seems to be so strange.They are not seeing all those items for first time but the way looks like to be, its stereotyped !!!!

Next I noticed the way they looks others..Some looks each other with envy, I hope they won’t know each other before but still their eyes seems to be resentment.I’m not telling that everyone are like that but majority are alike.Behind all sinful thoughts~ #Lusts, #gluttony,#greed/ #covetous, #anger, #Jealous, #Pride, #deception, #lies, #corruptions,#love of money,#cursing someone,#disobedience,#adultery, #gossiping, #spreading rumors,#speaking evils to others, #boasting, #flattering,#hypocrisy,#craftiness,#drunkenness, #sorcery,#gambling, #materialism,#love of power, #flirting.. all those are negatives…ohhh…Definitely we all come across to all those one or another but for sure avoiding all those will make us feel better / make us a better human.Many thinks that its all common humanitarian nature and whats wrong with all those???? Yeah,humans always have a sinful nature that tempts them to do focus on wrongs mostly rather than truth!Non is perfect in this world everyone are with certain imperfections, but trying to sort out its matters.


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It was one of my favorite /my all time favorite one TWEETY…. Infact, its something an animated image to entertain children only…Now the Tweety have a significant role in my life…I started to call my dear companion Tweety, actually I don’t know how I started to call since its comes automatically..{ I think the person don’t like that name.. 🙂 }

We used to call our dear ones with various pet names / nick names..Its always comes out of love.It shows how much he/ she is important in life or else we won’t use those short forms for them.The calling of names is actually shows the distance /attachment of a person to another.

Tweet …Tweet …Tweety !!!

LoVe EvErYwHeRe !!

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LOVE !!!
The word closest to my heart.More over a my status, writings, sayings all comes from this single word.I personally felt this is not a word that we can simply say to anyone and everyone, its should truly comes from bottom of the heart.Many of them asked me why I’m this much keen on love love love !!..

No Conditions ,No restrictions, No limitations, No boundaries..

Through LOVE I’m able to find all possibilities in impossibilities…its remains me in patience, its helps me to forgive others,its made me unique in my own ways and now its gives a new definition to my life.


I really don’t know how much disappointed i’am today..Since again and again I came to knew that I’m alone in this planet.Everyone are there around me but none knew my heart.Everyone saw me with smiling face but behind that face there is a crying heart that is invisible to others.

I’m not at all against any faith.Everyone are leading there life with certain beliefs, faiths and customs.Here is a girl who found the truth but its not acceptable for her people.I never like to use the word ‘hate’ in my life , but here i’m using it…I hate the word Horoscope.How can a person write another person’s destiny??Then what the role of God, who is the creator or each and every minute thing !!!

Fine, it can be taken as individual beliefs but still never force anyone to belief into it even if he /she never have faith in it.I’m extremely sorry, if I hurt anyone personally by pointing this out.

The same way when coming to marriage, without knowing into each can someone simply take this thing and says that the girl / boy never fit to be partners infact they might be the best match in their understanding.I knew many incidents personally…Still this world is blindly behind all those traditions and rituals.Everyone talks openly like this and that, but when coming to their own personal life,they act oppositely to what they said before…

Life is important and it could not be confused by those things.My future is not a single paper and the numbers in it.Its all well written, planned and executed by one who is created me before I born unto this world.None can change the destiny except Him.

Everything comes out of mutual love and understanding.Its not based upon the stars, planets or anything.We all are here for fulfill the dreams, purposes and so on.The Creator Himself who guides the paths not mere humans.

Thankz for reading… 🙂

Stay Blessed đź’™

Swim against the tide

Greetings to all my dear friends,

Hope everyone are fine!!!Today I felt to share you an idiom, its something like ‘Swimming against the tide’, actually its a hard task but not an impossible one.For so many years, my ears are familiar with those terms.Its something about my attitude or approach to certain things.I always wish to focus on impossibilities rather than possibilities.I always wish to accept and take challenges and risk in my life rather than easy going methods.But infact,my dear ones tries me to pull down from my initiatives but I never do 🙂

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Its not because they never loved me, its only because they loved me sooo much and very much over concerned about me and my life.At the same time,they are lit bit sensitive tooo…But I felt to handle the situations more practically, I can’t achieve anything in my life without a risk..One way or another, risk took part in activities, its a matter upon how we accept the risk?Risk requires sacrifices, courage, determination, confidence, integrity and so on..Its very easy for a dead fish to swim according to the flow but alive fish should always tries to flow opposite to the tide inorder to sustain.

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I uncompromised to the words that I gave to others.And to maintain my words with others is the huge challenge I faced during this short time.Its like a mental persecution, discouragement by others, made me alone and all ill treatments made me to encourage or motivate by myself.My faith was (is) completely unacceptable or undigestable for people around me.

People wants me to follow what they are following!!They want me to do what they are doing!! But I cannot, Since I already found a truth in me.He give me a conscience to act accordingly.We are not here to do all common things, we can also do some uncommon things…