Life is not easy as such
Paths of throny and stones

Its not always flowers covered with paths. Troubles continues for righteous, sometimes the journey might be alone. The thrones are sharper and stones are harder, both with same intentions. Walk independently even in troubles. Now expected ones will not be there but will receives all answers for the troubles one day.



The word I hates,
Once it comes to us,
It ruins everything.
An antonym of Love,
It had a great enemity,
To sacred and holy!
Turn and walk away,
From this Evil,
Then you will be richer
In His Love!

Flesh Vs Spirit

Flesh & Spirit – It always acts opposite to each other : FLESH VS SPIRIT.
Flesh makes you weaker, that any evil activities can takes place easily there, but If you “Walk by the Spirit”, you will receive enormous love that filled with joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness ( Galatians 5 )

All passions of the flesh moves to self destruction and those will not inherit the kingdom of God. Those who walk by flesh will set their mind on flesh and earthly desires and in the case of God’s children, they will find the Spirit of life and their mind sets on the things of the Spirit.

He never allowed me to get closer to the flesh. Flesh makes you sinner,it drags you only to sinful life.But your faith in Christ Jesus helps you to lives in Spirit and it will gives you all the fruits of Spirit that leads to meaningful life even in harder circumstances.

My paths are becoming harder and harder, and my flesh gets tempted badly but the Spirit holded me strongly and I denied the flesh.There is a possibility to lose your Spirit in between your journey,it happens when your faith comes down.Day by day, you can see the variations in your faith either decrease or increase. Keep up the spirit and the faith is the foundation of life.Ask and seek help to Him so that more doors are opened to Him so that you will get to know more about Him.