Random Thoughts #9

When we talks about equality. Sometimes I feel the word can be find only in dictionary. It remains as a simple word without any meaning in practical world. How we look at a girl ? The below lines are based on the present world situation. The meaning of a girl leads into beauty, object, entertainment, fantasy, toy, product, victim etc etc.. instead of mother, kid, child, girl,sister, wife, friend, grandmother and so on. A self question we all should ask in one way or another, in one place or another “ARE YOU SAFE” I don’t know.

Her heart bleeds like anything.
What you’re expecting from a girl.
Why you want a girl nearer to you.
Look at her, she is a human being.
With a heart, who knows everything.
She can differentiate love and lust.
She needs an attention not attraction



8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #9

      1. It happens even if one badly stares at another, through words, bad slangs, behaviour, torment, mental agony, and many ways..to stopping it completely we can’t do anything. We are our own protectors, none can accompany always isn’t?

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      2. Yes Kate, that’s the point. Mostly I used hear like girls need to be bolder, they need to behave like this those..when we talks about equality I haven’t find those anywhere up to the level. Why people are not taking care of boys behaviour, why boys mother’s not teaching them to protect girls, respect them. Acc to my point, If the boys know how to behave with girls, how to look after them, then most of the issues won’t happens here.

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      3. Yes Kate, but as an individual we can’t change anyone or anything. Like a revolution sometimes it takes time, sometimes it won’t work. Only thing we can do is to react if something comes to us that’s too wisely or a choice.

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