Wake up morning, darkness around
Sunbeams slowly touch my cheeks
Rainbow reflections closed my eyes
Take my darkness ,twinkle-flicker
Exuberance powerful brighter
I can't see you, flashing traveller


Black Heart

Pic courtesy : Google Image

Like a cobweb, long spinning threads,

Grey hairs spreads with black intentions,

Devil heart with vampire wings and horns,

Injected wickedness and enslavement,

An angel from hell fire and damnation

Wings flapped, red-blood eyes, crooked smile

Addicted opium-eater, malicious gluttons

Furious after glitters, guffaw on tears

Roving for human juice and broken bones

@Athira Aparna

Choose One!

Darkness or Light

Either darkness or light! The world loves darkness more than light since human beings have the tendency to follow the sins.Its easy to get involve into but its difficult to run away.when the focus is on pleasures rather than goodness automatically the heart,mind and soul drives into darkness.There is always a fight with light and darkness.The journey with light includes lots of pains,troubles,up and downs but its ends with eternal happiness,love and satisfaction. In case of darkness,it includes lots of earthly pleasures, with ends with destruction.