99 thoughts on “Quote # 31

      1. Yes, from today evening (Dec 29) 5:32 pm, Thiruvathira starts and ends at 6:55 pm Dec 30th. Ardra darshanam (watching full moon on Thiruvathira starts from tonight). It is highly auspicious for good health, hormonal balance, glowing skin, and peace of mind.

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    1. Sure, with pleasure.
      It can be in two aspects

      1) People are confined by the wall that put by themselves.There is no limits for growth.

      2) Good and Evil concept – The victory of good over evil :Some prefer darkness beacuse of evil deeds and thoughts, they don’t know about light.
      They never allows the light to enter inside.But what is done in darkness always comes to light.The truth always comes to light.

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