84 thoughts on “Scenario 22

      1. My writes ups based on personal experience or can be the real experience I witnessed too..
        Sometimes I feels like the world is getting darker by human deeds and thoughts..

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      1. Yes… not just my experience but I think most of us feel like this sometimes.. Like we all are sad for no reason at all. We feel so empty and numb and the biggest depression will be when we don’t know what makes us happy anymore.

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      1. Sure you can ☺️!
        I feel that when we feel depressed or sad we need help. But we often shy away from getting it. We feel judged. If we open our eyes people should be our lights. But people are so busy with judging us. I believe in self therapy. Only You and You an help your self to get out of that dark hell.

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  1. You are the light. I am the light. We are the light. There is no point looking anywhere for it. It is us and we can choose when to shine and when to keep it low. Does it fit?

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