Free verse 40 – The Rain Song

Too heavy, rainwater falls
Dripping roughly
Sounds complicated

Unnatural rhythms
As I step outside
The falls hurting me

Hard to open my eyes
For some, you’re a song of love
For some, you’re a song of agony

©️Athira | All Rights Reserved

21 thoughts on “Free verse 40 – The Rain Song

      1. When I am inside I enjoy it. The smell of recently wash earth, the aroma is relaxing but when have to go outside work…I hate it…the traffic, the water pools, the holes.

        How about you?

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  1. Bravo! Love poems about rain!! Thought you might enjoy the quote about rain that I love
    “Some People Feel The Rain, While Others Just Get Wet!” – Roger Williams Maybe “How do you feel about the rain?” Should be a question on relationship check lists?? I choose to be with those who love to dance in the rain like we did in childhood!!
    Chuck 😊🌹

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